Josh Weathers is one of those guys, that after hearing the first song in their set, you spend the rest of their set trying to understand why they aren't as big as The Beatles.

If you haven't heard of them yet, know this, no one would say they're country. It's definitely more of a Blues/Rock/Soul kind-of-thing they've got going on. To classify it even more precisely, just call it "Amazing."

The first time Josh and the guys stopped by my show they were a eight piece band, complete with a horn section and called themselves "The True Endeavors." Their performance then was without a doubt the most memorable in-studio performance I've ever had. It was remarkable. And I've had a lot.

Three years later (Josh says four years) the guys were back in studio for Radio Texas, LIVE! last week. We caught up on what's been happening plus Weathers debuted "Two Bottles" a great new song and we discussed Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival.

This year Josh and the guys will be performing at LJT Texas Music Fest, and they're stoked to do it. "It's gonna be big for us," says Josh. "Last year was our first year to play it and it's really blown the doors wide open for us as far as being accepted by the Texas Music genre.

Check out Josh's acoustic version of "Two Bottles" a performance that people have been blowing me up about. The video, below, is complete with a surprise appearance by Kevin Fowler.

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