There are a few things that Kacey Musgraves definitely knows how to do: write a good song, sing it, win a GRAMMY, and celebrate her birthday.

Over the weekend, to commemorate her 28th birthday, Musgraves threw a retro-themed birthday party at a local roller rink, and of course shared the fun with fans on Instagram.

“I made it past the Forever 27 club, y’all! hah,” Musgraves writes alongside a picture of her room decorated in balloons. “And woke up to really sweet birthday morning including balloons and crepes and mimosas and even … an old school Lite-Brite! Cheers, you guys! It was a good year and it’s getting even better!”

Musgraves turned 28 on Sunday (Aug. 21), and should be noted that four years ago today (Aug. 24) she released her debut single "Merry Go Round", the song that began her ascension into music royalty.