It's strange how "pissing" isn't really a bad word, yet it kinda slaps you in the face if you hear it on the radio. Not TV, though. Just radio. My wife and I were discussing that the other day.

I cuss. My wife is a saint. I've never heard her say a single bad word. But both of us agreed it's just a little strange to hear "pissing" in a song that's on the radio. And that's not to mean either of us were offended. We weren't at all - it's just an observation.

In fact if you're like me the first few times you heard the line you thought, "There is no way she just said 'pissin'. Did she just sing 'pissin'? Nah. But that's the only thing that fits... She just said 'pissin'!"

Today Kacey Musgraves posted the lyric video for her newest single, "Biscuits," and removed any remaining doubt as to what they lyrics were - not that anyone really wondered anymore - you knew she said "pissin'" the whole time.

The video is cute, it's light. The song, thought-provoking - like everything Musgraves does. And having been released to radio weeks ago, much like "Merry Go Round," and "Follow Your Arrow" is already stirrin' folks up. The whole thing just screams "Kacey Musgraves."

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