Is this really a thing, or are Australians tricking the entire world. C'mon, y'all know they are secretly laughing at everyone who actually does it, right? Has anyone ever even seen an Aussie do one?

If you haven't heard Australians are drinking beer out of shoes, their own shoes and other folk's shoes. Gross.

Not only does it ruin your beer, you run a very good chance of ruining your shoe. Y'all need to get it together, Australia -- no offense. Kacey Musgraves recently took her
Oh What a World Tour Down Under and even the East Texas native was not immune from being
asked to nearly forced to participate in the nasty custom.

“I’m not drinking out of your f*cking shoe…. You could have athlete’s foot or something.”

Luckily America's new sweetheart was able to keep her wits amid ridiculous peer pressure and graciously decline the "shoey."

UPDATE: Kacey did a "shoey."  

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