Kat Hasty is riding a Texas shaped rocket ship straight to the moon. It has been fun to watch as the Texas Music newcomer has become one of the scene's most streamed artists over the past year and a half. Her rocket ship recently made a stop is currently stopped by the control room of Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ok, so If you're still not familiar with Kat yet, it's time to remedy that. My good pal Dalton Domino has been my go-to for who's next up in the Texas scene for the past four or five years; he was the first to tell me about Koe WetzelFlatland CavalryKaitlin Butts, and Randall King.

As a child, before she knew how to put words on paper, she was singing and writing music. Born and raised in west Texas, her upbringing pours through her songwriting in tales of desert highways and the hustle and bustle of oil towns. Laced with heartache, joy, loss and female angst, her songs are ingenious and uniquely her own. The songwriter released her EP, “Drowning in Dreams” earlier this March and has seen support from all over the country. Talented and motivated, she is set to begin a long career sharing her stories and growing into the performer that she is fated to be.

Last December Dalton was a guest on Radio Texas, LIVE! and we focused a segment on the next new crop of up-and-comers in the Texas scene. Dalton revealed his picks as Jacob Stelly, Slade Coulter, and Kat Hasty. That night he also shared an exclusive clip of Hasty's "Where The Wildflowers Are" with our listeners.

Hasty's first official radio single "Pretty Things" landed inside the Radio Texas, LIVE! Top 30 for all of 2020, and she turned it up for 2021. At the beginning of the year, she even braved the cold and pandemic to fly to Washington to film an episode of Zach Bryan's The Belting Bronco YouTube series.

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