This can't be true. The story is too perfect to be; woman loves Walmart, woman gets pregnant, woman gives birth, woman names child after the store she loves. Well, according to this is true, for one Kentucky woman and her newborn baby.


Darla Hart of Henderson, Kentucky loves to shop at Walmart. So much so that she decided to name her new baby Walma (Walma Hart) in honor of her favorite superstore. “I just love Walmart. They have a great selection! Everything I need! And they’ve saved me so much money over the years and have such friendly customer service that I just wanted to repay them by naming my new daughter Walma Hart.”

According to the original article Walmart was so moved by the gesture that they sent the woman a $50 gift card.

Darla now has plans to legally change her name to "Darla Walmart-Hart." I can't make this up. Someone else may have, but I didn't.