Over the weekend The Redneck Messiah christened one of Country Music's most popular acts an Honorary Texan. And while Kevin Fowler doesn't have powers, officially, granted to him by the State of Texas to do it, I'm fairly certain we won't be hearing too many complaints about Dierks Bentley's new status in the Lone Star State.

In front of thousands of fans during his Somewhere on a Beach tour stop in Houston, Bentley welcome Fowler onto stage with an intro for the ages, “When you’re playing in Texas, never follow Kevin Fowler," Dierks Bentley advises. "Bad idea. Just don’t do it! Seriously, walk away. Step away. I did it here one time. I had to follow him here one time. It went from 50,000 to 5,000. What I learned, is if you can’t beat ’em ask them to join you. Kevin Fowler, will you join me?”

After offering him a "Don't Mess with Texas" bumper sticker, which Bentley immediately slapped on his guitar, Fowler presented Dierks with an already eaten bag of Whataburger... so, yeah, now Dierks is an Honorary Texan.

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