Something extraordinary happened on this date in Amarillo, Texas in the year 19 and 66.

The "Redneck Messiah" was born.

Happy birthday wishes and Birthday Boy spankings going out to everyone's favorite redneck, the one and the only Kevin Fowler!

Kevin isn't only celebrating his 49th birthday this month, NEXT month he has something extra special to celebrate...the 2,000th show of his career!

(No word if this number includes his early days when he was the guitarist with the rock band rock Dangerous Toys, but is anyone really verifying this number? I'm not, I just wanted a reason to post this awesome picture of K-Fo with all that beautifully luscious hair!).

The big Two-Oh-Oh-Oh show is officially being billed as the "biggest party of the summer" and it only makes sense that it is going down at the World's Largest Honky Tonk, Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth on June 20.

Tickets are now sale NOW and you can get yours HERE.