If you were wondering what Koe Wetzel's biggest songs are, the debate has been put to rest. Today it was revealed that he has not one, but two songs that have now been certified GOLD by the RIAA.

Yup, it's Koe's world. We're all just living in it.

The first one is a no-brainer, it's the song that really put him on the map. "February 28, 2016," aka "The Taco Bell Song," aka the OG Koe song. This is likely the song that first got you and many other folks across the Lone Star State hyped for his shows.

And no real fan is going to be surprised by Gold song number two, "Somethin to Talk About." It was (obviously) another one off of his debut album Noise Complaint that turned so many early fans into die-hards.

If you missed his story today, Koe joked on Instagram "Guess it's time to retire." Big congrats to Koe and his team. Way to go, boys!

Koe's latest album Sellout has been received well by fans and has got the music industry buzzing. Earlier this year, as soon as COVID restrictions loosened, he brought Nashville artist HARDY to Texas for a run of sold out acoustic shows through The Lone Star State. And while Posty Fest and a few other dates have been cancelled or rescheduled, Koe will wrap up the year playing many more dates across the US.

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