From Dallas, TX to Duesseldorf, Germany, this is what we needed this year. If all you wanted for Christmas was a Barbie The Movie Doll, love, two front teeth, or world peace, we can't help you. If a better soundtrack for the holidays tops your list, I'm happy to let you know that you've been a very good girl or boy.

That's right no one will have the blues this holiday season, Uncle Koe is coming to make all your wildest dreams come true. CONFIRMED: the Texas icon has cut THREE Christmas standards and the world will hear them for the first time Dec. 1st. This is what joy to the world sounds like

I realize it sounds lame, but I'm not at liberty to reveal titles, I can tell you this: I've heard one of the three songs, in its entirety, and I can say with certainty it will roast your chestnuts, jingle your bells, and is as much fun as a one horse open sleigh. Hey.

We will premiere the new Texas Christmas standards on Radio Texas, LIVE! promptly at midnight on Dec. 1st, so be sure to download our  ANDROID, or IOS mobile app to ensure that there'll be no more sorrow, no grief and pain, and we'll all be happy once again.

In other Koe Wetzel news, it was announced last month that he has been added to what will no doubt be one of the biggest shows in Texas next summer. He's joining Morgan Wallen on his One Night at a Time Tour when it comes to Jerry World on July 26th. Full story here.

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It was a steamy evening right outside Dallas, TX last Thursday (July 14th) as hundreds of Koe Wetzel's closest friends, associates, compatriots, and fellow Wetzels shuffled through the door at Lava Cantina -- all there to celebrate Koe turning 30 years old.

Gallery Credit: Branded Palomino Photography / Steven Contreras

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