Why do teachers have to spend their own money for school supplies? I guess it's been this way for a long time. Does it have to stay like this? Only supplies I gotta buy for my job are headphones. And, honestly, I could scrounge up some cans if I needed to. Also, I've had the same ones for a decade. Oh, and I'm not molding the minds of the future leaders of America.


What started with a simple tweet from Josh Abbott Band in early August quickly turned into viral clearing of teacher's wish lists by the Casey Donahew camp. Several Texas Music acts and their fans answered the call... err tweet... Thousands of dollars were donated, enabling so many teachers to get what they needed for the new school year without having to dip into their own bank accounts.

"We have been able to buy supplies for 125 teachers. It's a miracle!," Melinda Donahew told The Dallas News. "And we are still clearing lists and still shopping, and will be doing this for as long as the money keeps coming in."

As it turns out Koe Wetzel was watching this all unfold and wanted to get in on it. The singer, a native of Pittsburg, TX, called his mom, who still resides in his hometown and the two set out to clear the lists of PISD teachers.

Koe called me while he was on the road and said he wanted to clear the list for Pittsburg teachers," said his mother Julie Wetzel. "He decided it would be easier just to donate funds. Koe was born and raised a Pirate and wanted to give back to PISD.

After a few phone calls, Wetzel's management told us that Koe settled on cutting a $5,000 check for the school district to disperse as they saw fit. Good on you, Koe. And good on everyone who helped #ClearTheLists for teachers across the U.S.

But, I still don't understand why teachers aren't given the supplies they need to teach our kids.

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