Over the weekend Koe Wetzel's drummer got stuck in Chicago, IL, this left the band without him for their show in Sioux Falls, SD. But as they say "the show must go on," and by God did it ever.

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Instead of attempting a full band show minus his drummer, Koe decided to, at the last minute, do an acoustic show. Judging from what we've seen online, y'all, fans got a night that they will remember forever.

For some reason Koe's still getting the rap as a frat-boy-party-singer that only appeals to rowdy college cowboys and cowgirls drinking beer and smokin' dope. It's time to move past that trope, guys.

Well, he's still that, but he's also a major talent. There's a depth to his music that some folks just don't stick around long enough to discover. And the East Texan has pipes. Something he put on display over the weekend up north in South Dakota.

Turns out that Koe singing along with a piano is sheer greatness, and what better song to showcase this immense talent of his than arguably one of the most perfect country songs ever, "The Dance."


@caitskor Thursday night, we got to experience a full acousitc set from Koe Wetzel which was something I never knew I needed and also him singing The Dance by Garth Brooks #koe #koewetzel #thedance #thedancesong #acoustic #siouxfalls #siouxfallssd #country #countrymusic ♬ original sound - Caitlyn Skorczewski

Shoutout to TikToker @caitskor for hooking us up with that.

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It was a steamy evening right outside Dallas, TX last Thursday (July 14th) as hundreds of Koe Wetzel's closest friends, associates, compatriots, and fellow Wetzels shuffled through the door at Lava Cantina -- all there to celebrate Koe turning 30 years old.

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