Kolby Cooper's first Top 40 country hit is racing up the charts on the strength of his universal story. "Excuses" finds the young singer freshly heartbroken, and he's not buying the explanation.

That impulse to argue with the logic of a breakup in hopes of changing an already-gone lover's mind in universal. It's a desperate feeling to be right there, pleading with that person in a way that's only going to widen the divide. Like Cooper, all you hear are excuses. There's no need to point out the understood truth about it all — the reasons don't really matter.

What's remarkable about "Excuses" is that Cooper — a married 23-year-old with two kids and one coming — lives in this illogical headspace with such conviction. Brett Tyler and Jordan Walker helped write the lyrics, and producer Philip Mosley added a few contemporary country-pop touches to the song's presentation.

You can hear the Texan in Cooper as he pulls off the note for "Then it all changed" in the first verse. Eli Young Band do that. Parker McCollum, too. Years ago, Pat Green did. Preserving those elements are essential to this song and this artist's success.

Did You Know?: On Instagram, Cooper shared that his first son will be born in January.

Listen to Kolby Cooper, "Excuses":

Kolby Cooper's "Excuses" Lyrics:

What just happened / I thought we were on the same road in the fast lane / Right there on the same page then it all changed / And all I heard you say / Was it ain't you it's me / You deserve someone better / So this is how its gotta be / But girl, you ain't seen forever so I'll just stop you right there / Cause all I hear are …

Excuses / About everything that we had / And why we had to lose it / Yeah, some bull s—t that you said / Bout how we fell too fast too hard / And we'd just break each other's hearts / All those reasons why you said you had to do it / Sure sound like excuses.

How can you stand there / Look me in the eye lie and tell me you really care / You coulda saved us both some time / And just left me a letter / You coulda came up with a couple better …

Repeat Chorus

You coulda said you don't love me no more / You coulda said nothing and just walked out the door / Deep down girl we both know the truth is / These are just excuses.

Repeat Chorus

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