Kyle Park kicked off 2014 snowboarding, mountain lion hunting, and rocking MusicFest 2014, in Steamboat Springs -- not things many Texans get to do, regularly anyway. Last week Kyle debuted his new music video for his latest single "Long Distance Relationship.

Recently Park and I caught up, for the radio debut of his new single "Long Distance Relationship," here's highlights of our conversation.

  • This year was Kyle's fourth MusicFest.
  • He enjoys snowboarding and going down the mountains fast.
  • The coolest thing that happened at MusicFest was the tribute to Dean Dylan.
  • He sang "Nobody in his Right Mind Would've Left Her," to Dean Dylan (who wrote it).
  • He hunted mountain lions in Colorado. It was his favorite hunt he's ever been on. Hunting something that can hunt you back is intense.
  • Fit for the King was one of the biggest songs in Texas for 2013, even though it didn't reach No.1.

So what lead Park to select this for his new single?

"I've had people on Facebook and Twitter, for a long time saying one of their favorite song," says Park, "because it speaks to them -- especially military relationships."