Check out Kyle Park's brand spankin' new music video for his latest single "Come On" from his fifth studio album, The Blue Roof Sessions. 

If the scenery for this video looks familiar, it might be because you have seen it before in a few Kevin Fowler music videos; this video was also shot at Fowler's Rustic Ranch wedding venue.

Kyle explains:

“Filming the video at Kevin Fowler’s Rustic Ranch was a blast! Working with producer Paul De La Cerda during my sixth consecutive video was great as always, actress/musician Kensie Coppins and actor Chris Cameron were naturals behind the camera, and Uno was the most well trained dog I’ve ever been around. It sure makes things easy when you’re surrounded by great talent!”

Catch a Kyle Park show thru the end of the month and into 2016 on his "Love Drunk & Tipsy" Tour. Click HERE to find a concert date near you.