The last time Kyle Park was in Tyler performing, it was right before his album, The Blue Roof Sessions, was released. Nine months, and three singles later KP is back in East Texas this Friday (May 20) at Cowboy’s in Tyler.

Y'all don't want to miss this, gonna be a big ol' night of live music, two-stepping, and cold drinks. Park's latest single "Rednecks with Paychecks" is out to radio now, be listening for it.

Don't forget that Casey Donahew Band will be in town on Friday June 3rd, and each week I am out hosting the Wednesday Night, LIVE! Music Series at Coach's. We've got some serious talent lined up for that.

Get concert tickets here, and I’ll see you at Coach's and Cowboy’s!

Upcoming Concert Schedule:.

  • Wednesday May 18: Kimberly Dunn (Coach’s).
  • Friday May 20: Kyle Park (Cowboy’s).
  • Wednesday May 25: Troy Cartwright (Coach’s).
  • Wednesday June 1: Matt Le'Roy (Coach's).
  • Friday June 3: Casey Donahew Band (Cowboy’s).

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