On October, 23rd Kyle Park will release "The Blue Roof Sessions," his fifth studio album. The album was a return-to-roots, if you will, project for Park and his band.

Kyle shared with us last year that he rented a cabin outside of Austin, where he and the boys retreated to for about a month. It was there they wrote a majority of the songs, and recorded all of 'em.

I'll admit, that it wasn’t on the first listen that it happened, but after about three times through I gotta say I really enjoy the new single.

If your first time hearing the song leaves you scratching your head, listen again. The production is bare bones — not exactly something we’re used to hearing anymore. But it’s obvious that was his intent. Park's acoustic version offers a different take on the song, I enjoy both.

'The Blue Roof Sessions' has more guitar than ever before," says Park. "Crazy good licks, bluesy riff rock, twin harmonies, lots of fun melodies, and more. It may be in the country genre, but this album rocks."