DALLAS, TX. This December will mark 10 years since Aaron Watson released one of his most poignant singles to radio, one that would go on to become a signature song for The Honky Tonk Kid.

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The song is of course "July in Cheyenne," a wonderful tribute to champion bull rider Lane Frost. It was nearly 34 years ago, on July 30th,1989, that Lane Frost died in Cheyenne, Wyoming doing what he loved.

From Wikipedia, "at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, after completing a successful 91-point ride on a Brahma bull named Takin' Care of Business, Frost dismounted and landed in the dirt. The bull turned and hit him in the back with his horn (although he was not gored), breaking several of his ribs. He initially rose to his feet, waving at Tuff Hedeman for help. As he took a couple of steps, he fell to the ground, causing his heart and lungs to be punctured by the broken ribs. He was rushed to Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead."

Hear Aaron Watson tell the story behind 'July in Cheyenne' on Radio Texas, LIVE!

So, how did a singer/songwriter from Texas become a part of the Lane Frost legacy? Watson told us on Radio Texas, LIVE! that it was because of a simple conversation he'd had with Frost's mother.

"Lane was a world champion bull rider, but that wasn't his greatest achievement," Watson told us she'd said to him. "She said his greatest achievement came a year before he died when he asked Jesus Christ to be his savior. She wished they'd put that part in the movie "8 Seconds," and they didn't. But I thought I'm gonna write her a song."

And he did.

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