Ahead of his 2015 full-length album Fear and Saturday Night, Grammy winner, Ryan Bingham, is set to to issue in an extremely limited release, Bootleg on Black Friday. It will be exclusively available at independent record stores. This according to Rolling Stone.

The popular music site also posted an exclusive first listen of Bootleg, of which Bingham will only press 1,000 copies. Click here to listen.

This album has taken me back to my roots," Bingham says. "I still feel adventurous, but also grounded in the sense that I'm not trying to escape from anything. Recording demos of the songs allows me to capture them in their earliest stage. They inevitably change from there, so in a way, these demos capture them in their purest form. This is the first time I am releasing original demos, and I hope people will enjoy hearing these couple of songs and how they evolved from here to the album versions.