A couple weeks ago Lone Star Music Magazine set off on a quest to name the ultimate Texas and Red Dirt albums. Today they are down to the Final Four, and your vote will help determine the winners.

On the Oklahoma side, it’s Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Soul Gravy against Turnpike Troubadours’ Diamonds & Gasoline — literally, the two biggest bands in Red Dirt music of the last 20 years. Ragweed may have broken up years ago, but the band’s legacy is stronger than ever, carried on night after night not just by founding members Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato in the Departed, but by pretty much every young gun that’s come along in their formidable wake. Including, dare we say it, Evan Felker and the rest of the Troubadours — a band that’s already well on its way to spawning its own generation of diehard followers (and even imitators). Meanwhile, on the Texas side, it’s the Randy Rogers Band’s Rollercoaster vs. Ryan Bingham’s Mescalito. Rogers and Co., moreso than any other act on the scene in the last two decades, have demonstrated time and again that it is possible to make solid records in the Nashville system and still maintain and grow a massive Texas fanbase. And as for Bingham, how cool is it to have a guy vetted from the get-go by such songwriters’ songwriters as Joe Ely and Terry Allen still standing this far into the tournament? He may have a hell of a fight on his hands this round facing the most popular band in Texas Country by a mile, but … well, look at that badass hombre sitting in the middle of the road on the cover of Mescalito: Does he look all that scared to you?

Bring it on, mofos! And VOTE. Fast. Because the semifinals end at 3 p.m. (CST) sharp Wednesday, and then it’s on to the FINALS.

May the best album win! Get a full recap of the voting here.