The first things that came to mind were, "Oh, hell no" and "I'm sorry, what?"

Earlier this month, radio personality Dan Patrick and Darius Rucker claimed Nashville artists Luke Bryan and Eric Church to be the successors to the outlaw legacies of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings:

“I mentioned at the end of last hour that, you know, Luke Bryan’s the new bad boy, and Eric Church is the new bad boy in country,” said Patrick.

Call me crazy, but…what? I think someone is mixing apples and oranges. Since when did shaking your butt make you an outlaw?

Dan Patrick proceeds, “But there’s so much money in country now that can you be a bad boy and be crazy like Waylon and Willie used to be?”

“Yeah man, we’ve still got those guys,” Rucker says. “You know, Jamey Johnson, he’s a bad boy that’s for sure, and he’s doing well. You know, like you said Luke and Eric, Eric’s probably the closest we got to Waylon & Willie I think.”

Lest I remind you of the Willie legacy with this tune from Bruce Robison:

I don't think Luke Brian or Eric Church would ever do what Willie would do, but what do you think?