The Whataburger Brand Is Expanding Beyond Texas, But They Didn't Include Mexico In Its Plans, So Someone Created Their Own Version Of It south of San Antonio, TX.

Recently, it was discovered that a grocery store in Mexico, 10 minutes away from the Texas border, planned to open up their own "knock-off" version of the popular convenience store chain "Buc-ee's" called "BUK-II'S" which has the internet going crazy right now.

But The REAL BUC-EE'S Heard About It Too And They Are Not Happy About It.


According to a report from, Buc-ee's caught wind of the "bootleg" version and they are taking steps to take legal action.

The company said in a statement:

"Buc-ee's has invested heavily in innovation across the company to create and maintain …. award-winning guest experiences. Accordingly, Buc-ee's will not stand as an idle spectator while others use without permission the intellectual property that Buc-ee's has cultivated for decades."



Despite the Mexican store using a "gopher" instead of a "beaver" and different spelling of the name, Buc-ee's is known for getting VERY SERIOUS about anyone that even comes close to using their logo or name so I hope the folks in Mexico have lawyered up. With that being said, ANOTHER Texas brand has a knock-off version in the same town.

You've Heard Of Whataburger But What About GUATABURGER!

Also located in Matamoros, according to a video posted on YouTube by user Luis Giovani Castillo Vasquez, "a group of young people started this business called "guataburger".

In the video above, the owner says that they started the business in 2021 and despite being compared to "Whataburger" the restaurant has received more positive reviews than negative for their spin on burgers.

Hopefully "Whataburger" will be cool and let the little guy make it but we'll see.

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