What an amazing experience for a couple dozen Maren Morris super-fans. Last night (Nov. 29th) at an exclusive London listening party, with just 25 fans in attendance Maren shared the new songs from her next album for the first time. She posted a behind-the-scenes video of the event, which took place in a flat she rented.

I feel relief because I have already obviously made up my mind about all of these songs, and that took long enough and it took even longer to record them and mix them,” Maren said in the clip. “To have innocent ears just like in complete purity listen to them without any politics involved or publishers or whatever, that was like the first time just pure fans were listening to those songs for the first time.” Maren adds she “got to talk about my inspiration behind each song,” while the fans shared “their favorites {and ate] hot chicken.

Here is how a few of the lucky fans responded to the event on Twitter.  


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