Let me start by saying I'm not a music hater, I don't think there is anything won going down that road. I do, however, think country music as a whole as become quite shallow. Sure, we need fun songs, but we also need real songs.

When I pulled this up to watch, I had no idea this was about to happen. I don't know much about guitars or music, so I can't say whether or not she playing three chords -- but she's definitely singin' the truth.

The YouTube video starts out with a cheerful, "Hi there! My name is Melody, this is a song that I wrote, and it truly comes from the bottom of my heart."

And then Melody, a mere a fifteen-year-old girl mind you, proceeds to give all of us a hardcore, no holds barred lesson in country music.

"When a grown man never sings about his wife, just drunken honky-tonkin Friday nights. Then I hear their language, I turn the dial, and I just have to wonder when did class go out of style?


Melody with a knock-out superman punch, square to the chin.

Your move country music.