Mickey Gilley and his son have been involved in a rollover car accident that occurred on Wednesday, January 3rd near Lufkin, Texas.

According to reports, Gilley’s shoulder and ankle were broken in the crash and his son Mike only suffered a few bruises. The accident happened as they were traveling to Branson, Missouri where Gilley owns a theater and regularly performs.

Gilley and his son are said to be back home in Pasadena, Texas and are recovering from the accident.

"I had an accident yesterday. We rolled a car about three times over," Gilley shared with fans on Facebook Thursday (Jan. 4). "I have a fractured left ankle and a fractured right shoulder. I am having a hard time walking because I have a big boot on my left leg. But other than that I’m doing pretty good. To be 81 years old and put myself through what I’ve been through, it’s kinda tough sometimes on the old man, but I don’t intend to retire. I will be out there on the road and I’ll see you real soon."

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