Did Mike Harmeier of Mike and the Moonpies sell his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to crank out solid country gold songs full length albums, at an un-godly pace? If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on yes, he did.

Just when you think it's impossible for these guys to get any better they just go ahead and raise the bar a couple notches, again.

I'm going to get real real here, Mike and the Moonpies are releasing the best county music today, and a lot of it. They are consistently great. So, why aren’t they MASSIVE yet? I posed the question to head Moonpie, Mike, when he was my guest last month on Radio Texas, LIVE! Here's what he said:

This is a big conversation recently. A lot of people just think we are tongue and cheek, we don't have political leanings. We don't take ourselves too seriously... We are perpetual underdogs, and if this is how we have to do it for the rest of the time we're doing it, then I'm totally cool with it.

Mike may be cool with it but I'm not. These guys ought to be winning all of the country Grammys.

In the same interview we discussed the name of the band and if there's a possibility that it could be holding them back -- while most of us understand the weight of the music behind Mike and the Moonpies, it's not hard to imagine some folks dismissing them based solely on their name. Mike was very candid in his response:

I'm willing to take the time to let people figure out that we're not the moonpie band or whatever. I'm in it for the long haul. I remember trying to tell my agent I wanted to change the name of the band. I told him I can't see it as a festival headliner on a poster. [But] he changed my whole idea about that, he told me if you have enough people listening to it, enough people caring, you could be called "crap sandwich" and it'd be at the top of the bill.

Now is the time, it's not too late to hop aboard the Moonpie train. Their new album One to Grow, is a concept album, it follows one central character, and it's out now.

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