At her Keeper of the Flame Tour kickoff in Indianapolis last week, Miranda Lambert demonstrated her disdain for the beach balls that inevitably find their way onto her stage, as only 'Ran could do.

Before Lambert began a performance of her heartfelt song "The House That Built Me", she picked up a beach ball on the stage and brought it to the microphone.

“First of all, it feels like it’s January so we don’t need this today,” Lambert joked. She proceeded to stab the ball with a pistol/pocketknife necklace, which she explained had been a gift from her best friend, Ashley Monroe.

The audience cheered in approval as the ball deflated before their eyes. Miranda then thanked her fans and launched into a stirring performance of "The House That Built Me".

Lambert is currently headlining her Keeper of the Flame Tour with special guests Kip Moore and Brothers Osborne.