Miranda Lambert fans have been anxiously waiting for her next album, and she gave us a taste of what we might get during her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Unplugged show last night at Nashville’s City Winery.

Miranda Lambert opened up about having a “really, really sh*tty year in 2015.” and even got choked up while singing this song titled, "Scars". The tune was actually written 16 years ago by Miranda’s friend and longtime bandmate, Scotty Wray.

“I have been in love with it for that long,” she explained, adding that it wasn’t until a few days that she decided to sing it. “He said, ‘Well I’ve been waiting for you to sing this for a long time,’ and I said, ‘I was never damaged enough to sing a song called “Scars.” It’s something you have to sell and really feel and really live and go through sh*t to basically execute a song like that. But every time he sings it…I’ve cried for the last 15 years. So I’m going to try it tonight myself.”

Check out the lyrics below:

Some are deep, some are not
Some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot
Some are there from our mistakes some
Some are all that’s left to show of the choices that we’ve made

Some are too small to notice, there to remind us who we are
Even if the world could look inside us
They might miss the blemish on our hearts, these scars
I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours

I’ve lived enough to know now to hide anymore
We’ve had time to heal
If they could change the way they look
They can change the way we feel

I understand as well as you do
Sometimes a touch can go too far
Love was never meant to be that easy
And some disappear in the dark, these scars

Pain that I remember
Is the pain that makes me stronger
I’ve had to look at life that way
I’ve learned to rise above it

To keep from going under
Well, I take it step by step, day by day
I’m not ashamed of what you see
Because every single scar has become a part of me

And all I know, is here and now
Yesterday’s gone, but with me somehow
Looking back, I’m glad I took my chances
Cause they were worth enough to leave a mark

Maybe I’m not sure where we’re going
But it means a lot to know just where we start
With these scars, some are deep, some are not
Some never hurt at all, some hurt a lot