People on twitter are always tweeting random stuff. Sometimes it's a melancholy lyric accompanied by "when so and so said ___, I felt that." Sometimes it's to ask Snickers if there are still Texas flag candy bars for sale.

Other times it's a fan putting themselves on the line, blasting their dream collaboration out into the universe just hoping that someone who can make it happen reads it.

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When doing the latter you're usually not expecting a response, it's just fun yelling loud af into a giant canyon. But then sometimes from the depths of that canyon comes an unexpected reply.

Yesterday Wesley, username @wpfl_26, tweeted "
Hear me out....  @KoeWetzel, @MorganWallen,  and @HardyMusic drop an EP together. Shit would be a banger." The dude basically put his hopes and dreams out there, well guess what, Ol' Wesley got a response.

In his first tweet since tweeting a pic fishing with Eric Church back in April, Wallen responded saying, "I like think we could come up with something halfway decent." That was it. No more, no less.

But now thanks to this one little tweet, there are thousands of people who expect it to happen, and will inevitably be disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Morgan Wallen has been laying pretty low the past few months. He was unceremoniously dropped by country radio, and awards shows after a video of him using a racial slur went viral. To his credit Wallen has seemingly taken ownership of the situation, and since the incident has reportedly taken steps to better himself.  

Wallen's latest album Dangerous has become the biggest selling country album, by far, this year. If it keeps up at this pace it has a good chance of winding up being one of the biggest selling country albums of all time.

As far as the Morgan/Koe/HARDY collaboration goes, we're eager to see how this one plays out.

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