Last week Tyler Childers revealed to the world exactly how he will take over country music, with a shiny new record deal from RCA Records. The Kentucky native announced the deal that we're certain will launch his career into overdrive.

In addition to the new guns behind his massive talent he told fans about his new album, Country Squire, which will be out in August. He also released a brand new music video for his song "House Fire," which will be included on the new album.

This week we came across a video of Childers singing the title track of the new album, and had to share with you. Shout out Music City Maven for sharing this country music gold with the world.

Country Squier Track List:

1. “Country Squire”
2. “Bus Route”
3. “Creeker”
4. “Gemini”
5. “House Fire”
6. “Everlovin’ Hand”
7. “Peace of Mind”
8. “All Your’n”
9. “Matthew”

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