Tyler, Texas is among one of the lucky few Texas cities that still has a Grandy's restaurant. The fast/casual style dining restaurant has just 23 locations remaining with 15 of them calling Texas home.

Just like the orange and white stripes signify a Whataburger, the brick building with the green metal roof and white stripes means your chicken fried steak and roll are waiting for you inside.

I was shocked to learn that there are only 23 Grandy's remaining.

Tyler is among the 13 lucky cities in Texas to still have a Grandy's. When I moved to Tyler in 1997 there were two Grandy's locations, one right down the street from the radio station at Brookside and the Loop and the other on Beckham in the hospital district with another in Longview on Eastman. The only surviving location in East Texas is the one on Beckham.

Growing up in the metroplex there was a Grandy's location everywhere it seemed. I remember going to the one on Hwy. 80/Division St. in Arlington by Six Flags Mall all the time to get that crispy fried chicken, okra, corn, and roll, or country-fried steak with mashed potatoes, green beans, and a roll.

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Now I had to have plenty of butter and lots of honey with that roll too! Oh, you can't forget about that 'Grandy's Famous Sinnamon Roll', we ABSOLUTELY had to have one of those for dessert every time we were there.

Grandy's is surviving

I am excited to know that Grandy's has survived here in Tyler. It's sad to see that this chain which once boasted nearly 200 stores is down to just 23 locations. The restaurant was started by a couple of brothers in Denton, Texas in 1972. Through franchising the restaurant concept grew across the southern tier with more than 200 locations.

Honestly, it's been a hot minute since I've eaten at Grandy's, mainly because it's on the other side of town, but I'd hope that it stays open for years to come and doesn't appear on the "These Tyler and Longview Restaurants Need To Come Back" list anytime soon.

While I'm writing this, my mouth is salivating for one of those hot rolls and Sinnamon rolls.  I'm headed over to the hospital district right now!

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