A friend from Red 11 Booking invited my fiance and I to a show this week - at a venue I had never attended, to see an artist I had never heard of. I am happy to report that if you are ever in the Austin area - Cactus Cafe is the perfect listening room, and if you are seeking new music, look no further than Scott Miller.

Miller is what I suppose you would call 'Appalachian Americana,' AKA another hidden gem in our Texas Music scene. After all, he abides out by the Appalachians in Virgina, so that would be fitting. His songwriting is comparable to that of Willie Nelson and Ray Wylie Hubbard -  in the sense that you can't quite put your finger on their timing but it makes them impeccable storytellers.

I am literally ecstatic to have been introduced to these new tunes, and I hope you are too.