They are one of Texas' most dynamic bands. But not counting "Mesa" -- the single they dropped earlier this month -- it's been a long four years since we've got new music from the El Paso-based band.

That is all about to change on October 19th.

Our new full length album Mesa Starlight drops October 19th! This is The Dirty River Boys album you've been waiting for. It's loud, fast, and full of the explosive energy we bring to our live shows. Mesa Starlight covers everything from folk, to honky-tonkin country, to punk rock. You're gonna want to play it loud.

And regarding their new punk-country anthem, "Mesa," Marco Gutierrez tells Wide Open Country: “It ended up being this thing where everyone feels like they’re being lied to.” “Everyone’s on edge. There’s this growing tension in the world these days. Everyone’s kind of fearful of what lurks just beyond the light and in the darkness. It’s what’s right around the corner. That’s the foundation of the song.”

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