I mean it's the best way to do things, right? Give the people what they want. This is obviously something that Texas-based singer / songwriter Jason Cassidy wholeheartedly believes in. And finally, with his next and ninth radio single the seasoned vet can do just that.

In a world gone mad. One where Record labels and record executives choose what music an artist records and releases to radio, newly independent Texas Music artist Jason Cassidy has a different approach. Let the fans choose. There's a new idea.

"What Waylon Wouldn't Say"

"As performers and songwriters," says Cassidy, "we not only do this for ourselves but we do this for our fans. I wanna give the fans what they want to hear and not just cram something down their throats. We are putting the fans in charge. We are asking them to help us chose our next single. The song they choose we will release to radio this July!"

Cassidy has made it a little easier on us and narrowed the choices to four songs off his latest album "717." All you have to do is listen to each and vote for the one you want to hear on radio next.

"Beers to You"

So why let the fans choose? Well, aside from the new found freedom to, Cassidy explains: "Without our fans none of us would have a job, at least not something like this that we love. We wouldn't be able to support our families. We want to give back to them. Not only with the music on our records but with full control. I want our friends and fans to make the decision which song they want to be our single for Summer 2015!"

"Country Girls Do it Better"

Released in May, "717" is Cassidy's third studio album. By casting your vote you'll be helping to select what will become his ninth radio single. With some really good, albeit under-appreciated, COUNTRY songs on Texas radio (“What if,” “Blame it on Waylon,” “Ride of Your Life,” “Honky Tonk Heaven,” and "Cowboy Girl" to name a few), Cassidy has spent the past ten years establishing himself as a legitimate “country” artist in the Texas Music scene. Happy voting.