We've got more good music coming to us this summer. Jason Eady is set to release a new album, I Travel On, on August 10th. The album is his first recorded with his touring band who have been touring behind Eady’s 2017 critically acclaimed self-titled album.

GRAMMY-nominated musicians Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley accompanied Eady, his band mates and wife Courtney Patton to round out the lineup that would execute the live, single-take sessions.

“One of the best things about making this album is that it was all done live—just six guys with acoustic instruments sitting in a room together, playing these songs we’d been working out for a while on the road,” says Eady. “Having Rob & Trey join us in the studio sparked a whole new fire to give it that spontaneous feel. The whole process was magic.”

Eady wrote most of I Travel On in a month-long burst of creativity. “Normally I take my picof the songs I’ve come up with since the last album, but this time I was writing specifically for this record,” he says. “And because the album’s so groove-centered, I focused on the way words rolled off the tongue and how they moved with the music. If something felt good to sing, I just let it be instead of going back and editing myself like I might’ve done in the past.”

Jason Eady I Travel On:

1) I Lost My Mind in Carolina
2) Now or Never
3) Happy Man
4) Calaveras County
5) Always a Woman
6) That’s Alright
7) Below the Waterline
8) Pretty When I Die
9) She Had to Run
10) The Climb
11) I Travel On

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