I work really hard at trying to fully capture the essence of someone else's art within my own. It is such a privilege for an artist to believe your photo encapsulates their own artistic expression, enough so to have it featured on their album.

The Statesboro Revue released their new record ‪#‎JukehouseRevival‬ - it's an album with a wonderful melody of blues, roots, country, soul and stories unlike you've heard before. The energy is untamed, which inexplicably forces you into a groove - and you won't mind it.

It truly is hard to choose a favorite off the album, although, I am a sucker for sappy love songs, which is why Satisfied and Count On Me are climbing to the top.

The Bedroom Floor opens the #JukehouseRevival storybook, which sets the scene for the rest of the record. It's steady, bluesy pace is like the warmup for a marathon of head-bobbing and jamming - which I assure you will happen.

Tallahassee has a more recognizable classic country tone, done in such a way everyone will appreciate, while the rockabilly influences of Buddy Holly can be heard in Every Town and Roll on Mama.

The band can't, and will never be, put into a box. They simply have too unique of a sound. However, being a longtime Statesboro Revue fan, I would say Like The Sound has their trademark stamp. It gave me the "aha" moment, when you remember why you became a fan of their music to begin with. The first single off their record, Undone, is another great example of this.

Someone described Honkytonkin as a "swampy-bounce," which could not have been said better. Having just got back from a trip to New Orleans myself, this song definitely reverberates the deep South.

If The Bedroom Floor is the album's warmup song, Go Down Slow is the cool down with some soulful country. It's possibly the most deeply emotional song on the record, which hits like a freight train during the guitar solo.

There could not have been a more perfect tune for the recessional of the album than Last Ramble, a harmony of bluegrass and celtic sounds, that is quite beautiful. You really just have to hear it yourself.

Needless to say, this is one of the best album's of the summer and you should grab your copy right away: http://smarturl.it/jukehouserevival


Natalie Rhea is a freelance writer, photographer and videographer who regularly contributes to RadioTexasLive.com. She also is the owner of Natalie Rhea Productions, which specializes in documentaries, music photography and music video production. Click here to visit Natalie’s website for exclusive content.