As a child growing up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex we all have dreams of becoming famous and making a lot of money. Some kids may dream of making it big in the music business, maybe as a movie star, or becoming the owner of a multi-billion dollar company, and sit back and watch the money roll into the bank account.

As we get older we realize those dreams are just childhood dreams and it takes a lot of work to make it and money doesn't come easy.

We often hear that having a college degree helps you with your salary and that receiving a higher education is important.

While I do not disagree with that statement, there is also something to be said for those who enter the job market fresh out of high school and begin to gain real-world experience.

I think back to my college days and the great Kidd Kraddick who came to speak to our Radio/TV class once at UT Arlington. He commended us for going to college and earning a degree, but said,

While we're in school there is someone else on the air right now getting real-world experience for their resume.

That statement made me think, yes, that is true, but I'm banking on the degree to help my income!

When it comes to your future and your career, it's up to you to make the decision, to go to school for a degree or head to the job world right away and find a career that fits you.

Many people do not have the money to attend college and that's quite alright because there are quite a few high-paying jobs right here in Tyler that do not require a college degree.

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