Some big changes are in store when a favorite East Texas steakhouse opens back up next week. The next time you enjoy a Jack Ryan steak for dinner, it's gonna have to be lunch leftovers for you.

Late last month Jack Ryan’s Steak and Chophouse announced that it would end dinner service beginning on June 29th with a plan to switch to a lunch-only format once they reopen next week on July 9th.

In a post on their socials announcing the change, the restaurant thanks patrons for the continued support of our restaurant for the past twelve years. "It has truly been an honor." The post then revealed some of the changes coming to the popular Kilgore steakhouse.

This is a tough business with demanding hours, and this change is necessary to spend a little more time with our families and friends. Please show your continued support for Jack Ryan’s in the future. Our last dinner service will be June 29th. Cheers.

Beginning on July 9th, after their staff's vacation, they will be resuming business serving lunch only. They did promise an "expanded menu, bringing a little of the dinner flare, features, and appetizers.". And made clear that they still plan to host private events, birthday parties, and business dinners, in the evening.

With the changes, I just hope that their Black Angus Ribeye is included in their "dinner flare" lunch menu. It is delicious. That and the twice-baked potato and grilled asparagus. I'm hungry right now.

Jack Ryan’s Steak and Chophouse is located at 119 N. Longview St. in Kilgore, TX.

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