The Super Market Sweep is in full effect in The Lone Star State; from Austin, TX to Dallas, TX, we've got plenty of choices when it comes to grocery shopping. But what store ranks as the best in Texas?

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These days there are so many options as far as groceries goes, heck you don't even have to set foot in a store. But for me there's always been something special about going to the grocery store. And while these trips are less and less special due to less and less customer service, there are still chains that are thriving.

So which store is the best in Texas? The folks at The Daily Meal broke it down and found the best grocery stores (brick-and-mortar grocers, local markets, supermarkets, membership-only warehouse clubs, and nationwide department store retailers) in each state. And I don't think many Texans will be surprised to learn which store was ranked highest in Texas based on:

  • Stock (the range of brands and offerings)
  • Innovation (delivery, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Value
  • Contribution to the community

They also wanted to give the smaller, more homegrown chains their fair shake, so they gave :preference to smaller local chains that were founded in or are headquartered in the state and have become a beloved part of the local community."

Drum roll please... It is of course H-E-B

Serving everything from platters of Texas barbecue and bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers to ready-to-bake flatbread pizzas and creative sushi rolls and poke bowls, H-E-B has become a beloved Texas institution with dozens upon dozens of locations in the state.... The store brand also offers plenty of classic Texas foods.

So, there you go. H-E-B, officially named the best store in Texas. As if we all didn't already know it.

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