It's June 15th. Today we are halfway through June. Which means we are halfway through the halfway month of 2016. So no better day, than today, to share our picks for our Favorite Texas and Red Dirt Singles of '16... so Far.

So, did a song that was released in 2015 make our list? Sure. Is more than one not technically a single? You bet. Is there a song that doesn't actually come out 'till July? Absolutely.

But after careful deliberation we settled on our criteria for our list, and we decided it shall be comprised of songs or singles that have been played, at least once, on Radio Texas, LIVE! since December of '15. And while we tried to focus more on actual radio singles, there is an exception or two to that.

Furthermore, chart position had little (really nothing) to do with our list -- and a couple of the songs that made our list actually never even made it into our regular rotation. Why? Well, we just don't have the room to break every awesome new song and artist, as much as we love to do it. After all we have a mere five hours to fill each week. Five hours to play songs by artists that people more easily recognize, to keep them tuning in. All the while playing artists that are underplayed on radio already.

Let's be honest Randy Rogers Band, Texas Music's biggest band, is so overlooked by radio, it's a crime. Concessions must be made.

So here they are, in an order that is more aesthetically pleasing than anything else. That is to say, they're all great songs.

11. Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers "Till it Does"

10. Flatland Cavalry "One I Want"

9. Dalton Domino "Find Us Alone"

8. Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh "But You Like Country Music"

7. Josh Ward "Whiskey and You"

6. Kaitlin Butts "Wild Rose"

5. Cody Jinks "Cast No Stones"

4. Bart Crow "Dear Music,"

3. Shane Smith and the Saints "All I See is You"

2. Turnpike Troubadours "Mercury"

1. Cody Canada and the Departed "All Nighter"