It’s June, we are over halfway through 2019. This means roughly half of the songs that will be released this year have already been. Time to share our picks for our Favorite Texas & Red Dirt Singles of ’19… So Far.

Did a song that was released in 2018 make our list? Sure. Is more than one not technically a single? You bet. Is there a song that doesn’t actually come out ’till July? Absolutely.

But after careful deliberation we settled on our criteria for our list: Our list shall be comprised of songs or singles that have been played, at least once, on Radio Texas, LIVE! since December of ’18. And while we tried to focus on actual radio singles, there is an exception or two.

Furthermore, Texas radio chart position has little (absolutely nothing) to do with our list — and a couple of the songs that made our list actually never even made it into our regular rotation. Why? Well, as much as we love to do it, we just don’t have the room to break every awesome new song and artist. We have just five hours each week, and let’s be honest. Texas and Red Dirt's most popular acts -- Turnpike Troubadours, Cody Johnson, Josh Abbott Band, Randy Rogers Band, Aaron Watson -- are still so neglected by radio it’s a crime. Concessions must be made.

So here they are in order of appearance on Radio Texas, LIVE!

Hayes Carll "None'ya"

Mike and the Moonpies "Steak Night at The Prairie Rose"

Mike Ryan "Other Side of the Radio"

Aaron Watson "Kiss That Girl Goodbye"

Kevin Fowler "Country Song To Sing"

Curtis Grimes "Had a Thing"

Cody Jinks "Somewhere Between I Love You And I'm Leaving"

Bart Crow "Wheels"

Kacey Musgraves "Rainbow"

Randy Rogers Band "Crazy People"

Wade Bowen "Fell in Love on Whiskey"

Bri Bagwell "Cheat On Me"

Randall King "Takin' Me a Heartbreak"

Prophets and Outlaws "Dreamer"

Zane Williams "Good Man to Have Around"

Flatland Cavalry "Old School"

Josh Ward "The Devil Don't Scare Me"

Danielle Bradbery and Parker McCollum "Shallow"

Sam Riggs "Until My Heart Stops Beating"

William Clark Green "Stay"

Casey Donahew "Let's Make a Love Song"

Kylie Frey "Ain't Enough Beer"

Kolby Cooper "Diamond Rings & Cocaine"

Turnpike Troubadours "The Winding Stair Mountain Blues"

Jon Wolfe "Some Ol' Bar in the '90s"

Josh Abbott Band "Little More You"

Shane Smith & The Saints "Heaven Knows"

Stoney LaRue "Hill Country Boogaloo"

Tyler Childers "House Fire"

Kaitlin Butts "White River"


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