In case you haven't been paying attention Koe Wetzel and Parker McCollum have arrived. Last week, arguably, the two hottest acts in Texas today played four acoustic shows, all four sold out, on their annual Naughty or Nice Tour.

You knew it was just a matter of time before new songs from the guys popped up online, and here we go. This week Facebooker, concertgoer, and our new favorite camera man, Calvin Shofner, uploaded this shiny new gem from The Limestone Kid. He didn't catch Parker saying it on the video, but Shofner captioned it, "Brand new song. He said he wrote it 72 hours ago," referring to just how new this one is.

This is that hot new Parker song that y'all have been waiting for. We don't even know the damn title of it, and we love it. Enjoy.


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