It was a simple video - short and to the point. It took less than 15-seconds for Parker McCollum to get the entire Texas / Red Dirt scene looking forward to October 16th.

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The Limestone Kid has revealed that his new EP, Hollywood Gold, which will include his national Top 20 hit "Pretty Heart," will be out on October 16th. Not a lot of time to prepare, but then again it's more lead time than most artists seem to be giving fans lately, as dropping surprise albums has become much more popular.

Parker's latest release to Texas radio is the fan-favorite "Young Man's Blues." First thing you'll notice is it is a bit more uptempo than the version he's been singing at live shows. But this should go over great on country radio.

As far as the naming of the new EP goes, McCollum addressed that during a Facebook Live video, turns out the name was the name of his grandfather's racehorse:

"I was listening to my grandma tell a story about this Australian racehorse that my granddad had been kinda hellbent to buy at one point way back in the day." Soon after his grandfather bought the horse named "Hollywood Gold," the horse was stolen.

"My granddad would go out looking for this horse for months and months at a time, and they ended up finding it." The story was one told over and over in his family he explained, "I kept hearing Hollywood Gold, and I said, 'Man, what a great name, kind of for the album or for the EP.'

Parker McCollum's Hollywood Gold Tracklist:

1.“Young Man’s Blues” (Parker McCollum/Randy Montana)
2. “Like a Cowboy” (Chris Stapleton/Al Anderson)
3. “Pretty Heart” (Parker McCollum/Randy Montana)
4. “Hallie Ray Light” (Parker McCollum)
5. “Hold Me Back” (Parker McCollum/Tony Lane)
6. “Love You Like That” (Parker McCollum/Billy Montana/Jon Randall Stewart)

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