Parker McCollum is currently enjoying his first career Top 20 single on The Billboard Country Airplay Chart with "Pretty Heart." But The Lime Stone Kid is not just waiting around for it to hit No. 1, today he dropped a new version of his fan-favorite song "Young Man Blues".

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Last weekend Parker announced his next single would "Young Man's Blues," late last night he made good on the promise releasing the song and a brand new motorbikin', horseback ridin' music video for it too. First thing you'll notice it is a bit more uptempo than the version he's been singing at live shows. But this should go over great on country radio.

Back in April, McCollum released the Chris Stapleton-penned "Like a Cowboy" to Texas radio, one of the few songs he's cut that he didn't write or co-write. Despite not writing it, this song was special, McCollum shared on his socials that it became a deeply personal song,  "My Grandpa was more #LikeACowboy than anyone I’ve ever known. The art and visuals for this song are all inspired by him."

In 2019 The Limestone Kid signed a big management deal, and with thousands flocking to see him play live, pre-COVID, he has already cemented himself as a true headliner at festivals across the Lone Star State.

The Austin-based singer/songwriter released his full-length debut album, The Limestone Kid, in '15. In 2017 McCollum released the Probably Wrong Sessions, before combining the ambitious two-part project together into a third, the Probably Wrong album.

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