It's gonna be more than just No. 1 country singles for Parker McCollum. This week The Limestone Kid posted a picture of his new signature wine, "To Be Loved By You," the name inspired by his latest release to radio.

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So, when and where can you get your hands on a bottle? No clue. But you're gonna wanna hop on that soon, several of his Texas buddies are wasting no time, already hitting him up in to comments for bottles... or cases.

Shane Smith asked for him to "ship a box for me and @holden_ilseng out here," Mike Ryan asked to be signed up for the monthly subscription, and Koe Wetzel isn't messing around, "Lemme get a case or 8" he wrote on the post. We'll keep you updated.

Last week a few million people who woke up not knowing who Parker McCollum is, learned exactly who The Limestone Kid is. As McCollum performed his first career No. 1 "Pretty Heart" for a national audience on The 3rd Hour of The Today Show.

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