The old fashioned hair of the dog could be a thing of the past. Scientists at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX think they may've developed a new hormone shot that could reverse the effects of alcohol in half the time. Essentially they hypothesize that it would get you sober twice as fast as you normally could.

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The hormone is called "fibroblast growth factor 21," or FGF21 for short, and it is something that our livers produce naturally, but they seem to have found that doubling up the natural dose might help, as reported by the NY Post.

“FGF21 mediates its anti-intoxicant effects by directly activating noradrenergic neurons in the locus coeruleus region, which regulates arousal and alertness,” researchers wrote in the study.

For one experiment scientists:

  1. Injected mice with a "binge dose" of ethanol, making them affectively drunk.
  2. They then gave mice the hormone.

They concluded that the mice who didn’t have FGF21 did in fact take longer to recover from the injection.

In another experiment:

  1. They injected the mice with ethanol again,
  2. Then about one hour later while unconscious, the animals were given a dose of recombinant FGF21.


With this experiment, "they found that it was able to reduce the amount of time that both male and female mice needed to “recover their righting reflex” by 50%." And if you are wondering what that is, "the “righting reflex,” which corrects the position of one’s head and the position of the body, is “a standard marker of inebriation,” scientists explained.

So yeah, they basically rounded up a bunch of mice and got them drunk and used the hormone to aid in recovery time.

If it winds up being safe, it's something that we might soon be able to buy to feel a little less hungover.

Maybe we'll be able to get our hands on this new shot in time for Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival in May?

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