Pauline Reese’s husband Bill Herbert, who is a professional saddle bronc rider (2016 CPRA World Champion) was seriously injured on Saturday night July 15th.

Participating at the Marble Falls Texas Rodeo the bronc was riding threw him off, and the fall left him with broken vertebrae at C3/C4. Additionally Herbert severed an artery near his spinal cord. Today Bill is in a Dallas hospital as they await the team of doctor’s decision for the best course of action.

Friends and family are seeking those who feel led to help the family with the mounting medical and personal expenses by donating to the current Go Fund Me account.

On July 17th, Bill Herbert was in a severe rodeo accident. He flipped off a bucking horse and landed on his head twisting his neck all the way forward to his chest causing a broken neck that will require an operation to fuse his C3 and C4 in his spine which is currently unstable. Another injury is to the artery on the right side going to his brain is torn and occluded. The doctors say that you can live with one artery to the brain because there are arteries on both the right and left sides. He is currently on an anticoagulant drip to help prevent blood clots which could cause a stroke.

Last night Pauline was awakened when Bill became unresponsive for over a minute. The nurse was finally able to wake him and he was very aggitated. The doctors have agreed the next best thing for Bill is to transfer him from Temple to a bigger hospital in Dallas to see a spine specialist. The kids are with family and Pauline is by his side nonstop to make sure he is getting the best care.

Bill is a wonderful father of two girls, Heidi and Henli and a loving husband to Pauline Reese-Herbert.
He is a 4 time CPRA Saddle Bronc champion and a 3 time UPRA Saddle Bronc champion. He also is a Tech 3 with the Texas Department of Transportation.

We are starting this campain to raise money for medical funds, rehab, medical equipment and living expenses because Bill cannot work and Pauline has to do everything she can to help nurse him back to health. Please help in any type of donation you can and above all else please pray for this family.

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