I caught up with Pecos Hurley, lead singer of Pecos and The Rooftops over the weekend at our annual Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival, where he and the boys set the place on fire.

During our conversation he told us about his upcoming new single, "Time for Wine" and how pumped he was as they'd be stretching their sound into new territories, namely bringing in some of that radical '80s alto saxophone.

Well, we just got our first sample of the next single and that sax makes it feel like it's straight off of the soundtrack of a badass '80s cop movie, something starring Eddie Murphy or Mel Gibson called "Lethal Beverly Hills III," or something. Be expecting the entire song soon.

Last summer we got word that they'd be releasing a new album at some point in '21. obviously that didn't come to fruition. But Pecos did assure me Saturday that they're looking at late this year for a brand new album.

Hopefully more on this new project sooner than later. 

Meanwhile their breakthrough smash "This Damn Song" was released in April of 2019. And to say it's become a viral hit is no exaggeration. The song is Platinum status and is hugely popular at Radio Texas, LIVE!. Here we are three years years after its release it is still being streamed 60-70k every day. And, yes, that is Alexis Texas in the music video.

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