It's not actually winter until December 21st, and I don't know where you live, but it was cold as balls here in East Texas on Saturday. Granted it was back up to the 60s today, but from the looks of this video and the sound of the tease, Pecos & The Rooftops are about to raise the temp a few degrees -- regardless the season or where you call home -- with their newest banger, "Last Night’s Lashes."

"F*ck Mondays, we’re ready for Friday #LNL"

This morning Pecos and the boys gave us the first tease of what we can only assume is a part of their follow up to Red Eye. This past summer we got word that they'd be releasing a new album at some point this fall, granted we'd hoped it'd be closer to the beginning of fall than it turned out to be, but hey man it is what it is.

Hopefully more on this new project sooner than later. 

Meanwhile their breakthrough smash "This Damn Song" was released in April of 2019. And to say it's become a viral hit is no exaggeration. The song is approaching 54 million streams on Spotify, is hugely popular at Radio Texas, LIVE!, and two years after its release it is still being streamed 60-70k every day. And, yes, that is Alexis Texas in the music video.

Pecos & The Rooftops are based in Northeast Texas, but they are yet another example of the thriving Lubbock music scene. The guys released their debut EP, Red Eye, right before the COVID lockdown on January 24th 2020, but bolstered by their viral hit it's gotten some major traction over the past two years.

We're anticipating some very big things from The Rooftops in '22.

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