It's affecting folks in Austin, TX and across The Lone Star State: You've Heard Of Squatting But As The Holidays Get Closer, Have You Heard Of "Phrogging"?

You've heard strange noises in your home before and I'm quite sure from time to time you may have thought that someone could be living inside your walls. What if I told you that you could be RIGHT in thinking that? Especially if you leave town for the Holidays and come back home, how would you react if you found out someone was living inside your home that you didn't know?

That's What Phrogging Is...


According to Brinks Home Security, “Phrogging” (pronounced like “frogging”) is when someone secretly lives in another person’s home without their knowledge. The name comes from the idea of leapfrog, with the intruder hopping from place to place like a frog whether that be someone’s basement or attic or crawlspace. It sounds like something straight out of horror movie.

While "phroggers" are usually referred to "squatters" there's a difference: Squatters  occupy abandoned properties, while phroggers may instead target OCCUPIED HOMES and well-to-do vacation homes that are left empty while their owners are away.

There's Plenty Of Stories Of Phrogging Incidents In Texas.

When Paul Haynes came home from six months in Saudi Arabia to his condo on South Padre Island, he got a big surprise when he found four people living inside. After the first encounter, they left, but when Haynes came home the second time they hid in his attic.

Haynes called the police but by the time they arrived no one could be found, but they came back. Haynes heard the suspects in the attic and told them to come out. All they did was come out of his house and move in next door according to KIII.

How To Spot And Avoid Phroggers?


We know it sounds BOLD to do this but folks are doing it and here's some ways to protect your home from Phroggers according to Supermoney:

  1. Check spaces in your home you don't use regularly
  2. Set-Up security cameras
  3. Monitor your belongings
  4. Get a dog

There's Even A TV Show Called: Phrogging: Hider in My House

Phrogging: Hider In My House shares true life stories from victims of Phroggers. In some cases, it can be a stalker or someone you know that's in you home. Protect yourself and you can check out the series on Lifetime.

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